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Shock absorber tuning vehicle is the necessary tool for chassis tuning. Having shock absorber tuning vehicle will make the chassis tuning work more smoothly, save costs and shorten the development cycle. Shock absorber set-up work often need according to the season and site features to the various factors, such as testing grounds to set-up vehicles, sometimes more want to go to the special location of test vehicle outside calibration, it will need to be equipped with a movable car shock absorber adjustment, especially for model development effort makers and large shock absorber factory. The shock absorber adjustment vehicle can respond quickly to the shock absorber adjustment requirements in the test field, which can not only meet the adjustment work but also bring practical experience to the adjustment engineer and strengthen the adjustment ability of the shock absorber.

The shock absorber adjustment vehicle is composed of a truck and a modified car. The car is equipped with: shock absorber indicator machine, shock absorber cleaning and disassembly system, alternating current and lighting system, inflation system, information exchange system, hydraulic support system, air conditioning, work table, storage cabinet, range hood, computer, office seat, etc.