An overview,

In order to improve vehicle ride comfort, shock absorbers are generally installed in parallel with elastic components in the suspension to convert vehicle vibration energy into oil thermal energy, which is then absorbed and distributed into the atmosphere by the shock absorber.

The performance of the shock absorber directly affects the ride comfort of the vehicle. In the development and matching process of the shock absorber, indicator power curve is generally used to evaluate the performance of the shock absorber, and then the indicator machine of the shock absorber becomes a necessary test equipment in the matching and development process of the shock absorber.

The electromagnetic high-speed shock absorber dynamometer of the equipment adopts linear motor as the power source, measures the force, speed and displacement parameters of the shock absorber under a specific excitation curve, and obtains the indicator power curve of the shock absorber. This equipment has high speed, fast response, no noise, and small size, widely used in shock absorber product development and field matching (adjustment vehicle) work.

II. Technical indicators