The mechanical characteristic of tire is the direct factor that determines the motion of automobile. The data of tire mechanical properties have important applications in vehicle development and solving vehicle performance problems. Honghui auto relies on the independently developed tire mechanics test bench to provide customers with comprehensive tire mechanics test service.

I. tire mechanical properties test:

1. Steady-state sidetracking characteristics of tires

2. Steady-state longitudinal slip characteristics of tires

3. Steady-state roll characteristics of tires

4. Steady-state characteristics of the tire under the combined working condition of yaw and yaw

5. Vertical stiffness characteristics of tires

6. Lateral stiffness and torsional stiffness characteristics of the tire body

Ii. Tire modal test:

1. Radial, tangential and axial vibration pickup test

2. Testing of radial, tangential and axial modal frequencies, damping and mode shapes

Iii. Test cycle:

1. Mechanical properties test: 5 working days/strip

2. Modal test: 2 working days/bar