I. ability introduction

With years of accumulation of vehicle dynamics technology, strong dynamic database and rich project experience, we have built an experienced vehicle dynamics team with KH characteristics.ADAMS and CarSim dynamics simulation software were used to complete suspension K&C characteristics, vehicle handling stability and smoothness analysis and index evaluation, predict risk terms, and form an optimization scheme based on system component parameters, to optimize the performance of three-level suspension index and two-level vehicle objective index and achieve the goal;Based on the tire characteristic test data measured by KH tire six-component test bench, the dynamic tire pac2002 model and Ftire parameter identification are carried out to provide accurate tire model input for dynamic vehicle simulation analysis.Carry out joint simulation based on Carsim and matlab, develop suspension control strategy such as semi-active suspension and verify its algorithm, and undertake relevant dynamics work of major domestic main engine plants.

Two, case introduction

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Structural strength analysis

I. ability introduction

With the analytical ability of strength and stiffness analysis, modal analysis, large deformation nonlinear analysis, rigid-flexible coupling analysis, structural topology optimization analysis, etc., the company undertakes the related structural strength analysis of major domestic main engine plants.

Case introduction

Responsible for completing faw, faw car, geely automobile technology center, changan auto, Beijing new energy, baic silver cheung, foton, sany heavy industry, sichuan steam mustang, land of the ark, faw light vehicles, anhui jin sheng, national key special 6.1 and 6.2, by day is a new energy, such as northern yuchu structure strength analysis related work.